Sheep Welcome to Schoolhouse Farm. We are a small farm on a picturesque hilltop in central New Hampshire, where we raise and sell registered Icelandic sheep, grow organic hay, and make our own compost for sale. Our diverse range of value-added products, includes: grass-fed meat; fleece, yarn, and roving; colorful, soft pelts from our own flock; and our custom-woven throws, made from farm-raised fleece. We are an Animal Welfare Approved farm, a certified producer with American Grassfed Association, and listed with Eat Wild under their Directory of Pastured Product Farms. If you go to our "For Sale" page and click on The Studio, you can view Wendy's original sheep-themed paintings and prints that are available for purchase as well. By navigating our website, you can learn more about us, our farm philosophy, our products, and our sheep. In addition, we've provided links to resources that have been invaluable to us as shepherds.

- Wendy & Norman

Sheep June 11, 2013

We had 27 lambs born this spring, with the final twins born on May 1st to a first time mother, our yearling ewe "Peanut." The lambs range in color and pattern from creamy white to solid black, with a couple of badgerface and spotted ones in between. Mothers and lambs are happily grazing lush spring pastures after a very slow start with unseasonably cold temperatures in May. Before being turned out onto grass, the flock was treated to protein rich alfalfa hay grown on our own hayfields. The lambs are growing so quickly that they are getting to the point where they will lift up their mothers' hind ends when they nurse.


By clicking on our For Sale/Icelandic Sheep page, you can view our available 2013 lambs. We will continue to update their photos, as we attempt to keep up with their rapid growth. Email us if you have more questions or would like additional photos.

Over a period of two years, we have successfully added four new acres of pasture, after reclaiming former woodland which itself was former pasture in the 18th and 19th centuries. The woods on our property are criss-crossed with stone walls that once enclosed these original paddocks. After seeding last fall, we can now bring back some of this former agricultural land to productive use again. Since our sheep are grassfed, it is important for us to achieve the proper stocking density for optimum health of both the animals and the soil. Expanding our pastures has not only provided the right balance of stocking density but also enabled us to add more rotations for parasite management. We hope to turn out the sheep onto these brand new pastures within the next few weeks.

On a final note, we are proud to have been recently certified as an Animal Welfare Approved farm and an American Grassfed certified producer.

Enjoy this video of our spring 2013 lambs on fresh pasture for the first time, and performing their best lamboree.